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Djotipersad Lachman

Led by Djotipersad Lachman, D. L. Pictures International and S-Heramba Multimedia Productions & Apna Media Group have specialized in the production of films (play), television programs and series since 1985. Previously in productions, there has been close collaboration with national and international producers, directors and film distributors. The production of the feature film, “HEBZUCHT” is also under his direction.

Background / Overview

Lachman was born in Suriname but, migrated to the Netherlands at a very young age. Studied at the Scholengemeenschap Noord in Rotterdam. Took various courses in film making at the Open University in Rotterdam. He also pursued study in photography at the Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming Rotterdam. His participation in film training in India, New York, London and the Netherland caused him to gain immense experience. Apart from being a recognized Martial Arts practitioner, Lachman also graduated from the very popular and well-known Dance Academy (Chandra Sukhai) and as such he is a qualified dance teacher in the Indian classical styles: Kathak, Odissi and Bharat Natyam. A lot of self-study was done in the areas of social, cultural, sport, media, politics, linguistics, anthropology and Ayurveda.

At a fairly young age, Lachman became involved in the social welfare of Surinamese- Hindus in the Netherlands. In order to be able to solve the problems effectively, special emphasis was placed in learning the history of the Hindus in India, Surinam and the Netherlands. In addition, the study of the sacred writings such as the Vedas, Puranas, the Quaran and the Bible was inevitable.

Recognized member of:
• Federation Writers Association (FWA)
• Association Exploitation Imaging Rights Audiovisual Material (VEVAM)
• Stichting Exploitatie Kabeltelevisierechten Audiovisual Material (SEKAM)
• Literary Rights Authors (LIRA)
• Center for Services for Authors and Related Rights (CEDAR)
• Graphic Education Center (G.O.C) and Dutch Professional Filmers (NBF)
• Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association (IMPPA)
• The Indian Film and TV Directors Association [IFTDA]

Own productions

Feature films that Lachman has released are:
-Kala Dhanda
-Tu Kahan Hai

-Suriname Now
-Safety India
-World Peace Appeal with Sri Jagad Guru and Bishop Tutu

-My Roots
-Aquest Gujarat
-Kumbh Mela

In 2005 he was indirectly involved in the International Film Award in Amsterdam. In 2006 Lachman left for India and was involved with Bollywood productions for many years. In 2010 his book, Beghar, which describes about two thousand years of Hindus history was published.


Lachman worked as a cameraman for various regional and national broadcasters. Among other cameramen, he was appointed as head cameraman in the productions of Rotterdammer of the century, and at the Rotterdam Song Festival with the well-known singer Lee Towers. Also involved in several productions of the Kamasutra Fair in Utrecht and a portrait about former Minister Pronk of the Netherlands.


Lachman was assigned roles in the Dutch TV series such as De Twee with Peter Faber, Henk Spaan and Harry Vermegen, and in the crime programs of Jaap Jongbloed and Peter R. de Vries.

He is certified by the British Associations of Independent TV makers in 1998.
He holds a national license for television programs in the Netherlands. And from 1998 to 2008, he aired his own weekly television programs in Rotterdam.

Scripts and lyrics

Lachman has written countless manuscripts for books and films over the years. Writing song lyrics is also part of his repertoire.

Abroad experiences

Lachman is known both nationally and internationally in the world of films, TV and productions (America, India, England, the Netherlands). This is due to his wide range of experiences in both acting and film technical areas (productions). In 1995 he was offered a role as “the side hero” in the Indian feature film “Andaz tera Mastana” by producer Mukesh Dugal and director Deepak Pawar. He also received an offer for production of Zee TV (England / India) for VishaVadia Productions. Lachman also received roles from Indian producer such as Shyam Reddy and director B.N. Tiwari. Djoti had a collaboration with Mathijs van Heijningen, the largest film producer in the Netherlands (Siske de Rat, De lift).

Charities in India

Lachman is very concerned about underprivileged children in India. He is presently working on a school project for a thousand children in Omkareshwar. In 2001 he was personally involved in helping the victims of the earthquake in Gujarat (Kutch) in India.

Feature films

Lachman is determined to be successful with the involvement of international cast and crew for his new feature films in order to produce top films, like with HEBZUCHT (GREED) THE Movie.

Life Experiences

In the year 1991, Djoti was the writer and producer of One of the most powerful feature film “BABA THE DARK ROOM” (distribution Colombia Tristar), starring Kabir Bedi … for this project, he had the famous Indian top film director, Mr. Ramesh Sippy who directed “Sholay” …. Djoti’s investment on the pre-production of this film“BABA THE DARK ROOM” caused him a huge sum of money since all the planning was done at his expense. Unfortunately, before the commencement of filming he was fraudedby two other business partners who ripped him off completely and as such he carried a loss ona large sum of his money. Hence, the film was stopped.