The Crew

Our diverse, 14-person multicultural crew brings international and award-winning experience to this movie.


Director: Djotipersad Lachman

Executive Producer: Lachman Brothers

Producer: S-Heramba Productions

Co-Producer: Neal Lachman

Line Producer: Apna Media Group

Director of Photography: Moen Poeran

2nd Cameraman & Lead Editor: Karan Ramcharan

Music Composition: Shailendra Bhoelai

Sound: Glenn Bhoelai

Lighting: Apna Media Group

Editing: Apna Media Group

Production Lead: Robby Dihal

Script Continuity: Kamla Bechoe

Fight Director: Krishna Gopal

Consultant, Production & Film Festivals: Joel Dunn (New York City)

Consultant, Production & Distribution: Anil Nagrat (Mumbai)

Catering: Monique & Chandra

Webdesign & Multimedia productions: John Schouten

Graphic Design: Tagged Crane

Marketing & Promotions: Angie Productions